Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does GLSSS differ from the Green Leaf™ Eco Standard?

The Green Leaf™ Eco Standard (GLES) is an international framework against which organisations across all industry sectors can be certified according to a recognised and credible set of sustainability criteria. GLSS has been authorised by the Green Leaf Environmental Trust, the custodians of GLES, to be an accredited global verification agency of the GLES. This means that GLSS has the sole rights to administer the GLES to its regional clients and thereby award compliant organisations with GLES certification. GLSS adheres to the requirements of GLES but is not directly involved in its administration.

Q2: What is sustainability and why should businesses care about it?

Sustainability encompasses a functional and profitable triple bottom-line of people, planet and profit. It is an integrated concept which promotes operating today in a way that ensures your business is positioned to succeed now and into the future. Increasingly, both customers and investors are requiring businesses to care about and showcase their efforts towards all aspects of sustainability. It is therefore essential that all businesses which seek to be successful in the future venture towards a sustainability journey.

Q3: What is sustainability- and integrated-reporting?

Initiatives such as the King III Code on Corporate Governance and the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 Guidelines are amongst several documents which advocate and enable reporting beyond only the economic state of a business. In an increasingly-vigilant era of environmental and social awareness there is a need for businesses to report on all aspects of sustainability to accompany their financial reports – formal documents are guidelines and an effective method of standardising these reports. Both the Solutions and Software services of GLSS are tailored to assist any business in the development of such reports.

Q4: What are the benefits in achieving GLES certification?

Firstly, certification allows an organisation to promote its sustainability efforts with full third-party verified support, without any risk of greenwashing. This support can be showcased through acceptable use of marketable Green Leaf™ Eco Standard logos, thus improving brand and corporate image. Secondly, the certified organisation will be advertised on this website and all other relevant Green Leaf™ Eco Standard media channels. Thirdly, many GLES Accredited Facilities, such as GLSS, support the certified organisations by arranging press releases upon achievement of certification. Lastly, certification is not the goal in the process, sustainability is – certification acts as a tool to encourage operational changes in any organisation which improve the social and environmental footprints while increasing the economic bottom-line.