Green Leaf Sustainability Services (GLSS) focusses on sustaining your business beyond the triple bottom-line – by this we mean a business that is competitive, profitable and responsible.

Responsible business best-practice extends from a company’s influence on its immediate operational area – i.e. its responsibility to its employees, the physical environment, its customers, suppliers and stakeholders, the communities within which it operates, and the natural environment.


 What is corporate sustainability?

Doing business sustainably is about more than just “going green”. It is about operating today in a way that ensures your business is positioned to succeed now and in generations to follow.

No longer is it a company’s responsibility to just report on Profitability. Corporate Governance encourages self-declaration on a company’s economic, environmental and social bottom-line under Sustainability Reporting.

Customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders increasingly want to know what your business is doing to balance corporate goals with the needs of the planet. The King III Report on Corporate Governance and G4 Sustainability Reporting focuses on the triple bottom-line of people, planet and profit inclusive of carbon emissions disclosures and mitigation methods.

What does GLSS offer?

GLSS has a core focus on sustaining businesses beyond the triple bottom-line. There are three departments within GLSS: Solutions, Software and Standard, each offering complimentary services to ensure success in your business’s sustainability journey.

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